My Story & Passion

It all started when my mum bought me an ipad my second birthday. Many people thought she was nuts, because a lot of adults didn't even have one then. That was when I discovered the power of technology.

I started coding classes, when I was six years old, beginning with Scratch.

Attending my first Apple Summer Camp was the best thing ever. Then came more Apple Camps, weekends and school holidays became Apple time. Learning everything from coding spheros, to pro-create, i-movie, swift playgrounds, photography, garage band, jump cut movie making, and you name it. I became part of the Apple family, and part of the furniture. Then CV hit, and the Apple lessons weren't on anymore.

Putting some of my learning together, and teaming up with my mum, we created Parkside Designs Art. That was the name I'd decided to call my business from 5 years old.

I thank Coding Kids, and all the Creatives trainers at Apple for the hundreds of hours they've put into me, the skills and desire to launch my own online t-shirt & hoodie store, and I dedicate this store to them for all they've done teaching me.

In 2022, we've had the pleasure of bringing on some big brand names to the store, including, Fila, Volcom and Puma.We are honoured to bring you all of their products, including all the new arrivals, classics and sales.

A huge welcome to Mobileciti, specialising in all things tech, including products such as: Apple, Samsung, Belkin, Fitbit, Garmin, Sandisk, Google, Microsoft and more.

We've also welcomed Wireless1, who specialise in all things tech, with some excellent gaming products among the mix.

We look forward to further collaborations in 2022, and bringing you loads more products.

Josh :-)

Parkside Designs Art

Creative Director