There's No Point Being The Richest Person In The Grave. Take A Well-Being Day!

Through the pandemic, amongst the constant change, and moving goal posts, many people have reportedly worked tirelessly, over and above their regular hours. Coupled with keeping up with all the CV rules and regulations.

Then there's all the home duties, and after school activities if you've got kids. That's if you're kids have even been to school this year with all the lock downs.

If you've been working from home, plus home schooling, then you're probably mentally and emotionally fried.

Sometimes, it can feel like we're on a treadmill that never turns off.

If you've been wondering how people have been coping over the past 18 months or so, then please watch the following video. We do warn you that this video could be quite disturbing to some viewers.

So, how can we do some simple things to turn our brains off just for a little while? By taking a well-being day. This could be done just once a month.

On this day, you can totally disconnect from it all. That includes, doing some relaxation activities such as;

* Having A Sleep In * Staying In Your PJ's just a little bit longer than usual. * Taking the day off from Social Media. * Lay in bed and watch a movie, with your favourite treats. * Having a beauty day. * Working on a hobby; something you love doing, rather than something you have to do. * Catch up with a good friend, and get anything off your chest, that you've been holding onto on the inside. * Get out a good old fashioned book, lay on the floor with some cushions, and get transformed to another world. Or even better, take the book outside if it's a nice day. * Set up a grazier table, with some cushions, and lay outside. *Pack a picnic, just for yourself, and go out either to the beach, or a lovely nature reserve, and just enjoy some peace, quiet and me time. Then there's my favourite one, and the one I've done all my life, taught to me by an English school teacher; close your eyes, and just listen. What noises can you hear? Do that for 2-3 minutes. It somehow has a way of relaxing and refocusing you, while also bringing you back into the present moment. * Log out from your computer, and go and explore.

There's no point being the richest person in the grave. Your health is your wealth. Schedule in that one day a month, just for yourself to relax and unwind, and just to take a break from it all.

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