How Taking The Time To Unwind Can Boost Your Health And WellBeing!

In the fast paced world we live in these days, it can be difficult to even find the time to unwind. There's work, which use to be 38 hours a week, but somehow has crept into just a few more hours a week, and for some, a lot more hours a week. Burn-out is on the increase.

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Take The Time To Unwind

Research shows that some remote workers, are working around the clock. Current staff shortages, is putting pressure on existing staff, to increase their hours.

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Hold on! If you've got kids too, then count in: school runs, after school activity runs, pick up and drops for play dates, and in their younger years (not so much the past couple of years) almost weekly birthday parties to attend.

Don't forget that the house also has to be kept in order. Bring on the washing, that seems endless every day. Doesn't anyone in the house know that there's a dishwasher??? Make sure all those school uniforms are ironed, and shoes polished for school everyday. Did someone mention, all that homework, that you've got make sure (and sometimes) fight your kids to get done.

Push them into the shower, before the "get to bed" fight. And, that's the usual story for most households.

Then it's your time right? Wrong! Have a bit of a clean up, then collapse into bed, eyes closed, and snoring within minutes.

So, all in all, we have to make the time to wind down. Schedule it in even. It could be a daily ritual, or even once a week. Either which way, it's paramount for our mental health and well-being to make the time to relax a bit.


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Some of the things proven to be beneficial, and seem to be pushed by wellness coaches lately, include: meditation, and yoga. There are benefits to both of these, including calming the mind, stretching out and relaxing your muscles for the day. Mediation and yoga, don't have to be the tradition old fashioned methods. There's lots of different types now. Breath work is now becoming a really big thing.


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Other ways some people wind down are: having a glass of red wine, or other alcoholic beverage in the evening.

Then there's watching something on Netflix, where you can completely zone out, and live in someone else's life for a few hours (or a lot longer if it's one of those series that never seems to end).

Journaling. This can be 10 minutes with a coffee or tea, to write down how your day went. Anything positive, or something that didn't go very well. It's said to be, like being your own psychologist. Also releasing built up thoughts from your mind. You can always look back on your writings, and decide was that really such a big thing or not? It's also an excellent way to decode your thoughts.

Taking a walk along the beach in the sea air would be one of the top ways to wind down. If you've got a dog to take for a run, and chase a few waves with a stick, then even better.


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For me personally, it's a dedicated hot bubble bath every night. Close my eyes immersed in the hot water. Using nourishing bubble bath, coupled with a nourishing body moisturiser when you get out, to feel total calmness. Not sure if it's a mental thing I've established in my mind over the years or what, but when I get out of that bath, all the stress of the day gets washed down the drain, and I am completely at peace. Both my mind and body feel relaxed and lighter.

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Whatever way best suits you, the most important thing is to unwind. Take the time. Even if it's just for 10 minutes a day, there is so much evidence linking that taking that bit of time out for yourself, can have a major impact on your health and future health.

Thank you for reading our blog. We hope that it's been beneficial to you. Please feel free to share with any of your friends and family, if you also think that it will be beneficial to them too.

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