Why Music So Good For Us...

Music exerts a powerful influence on human beings. It can boost memory, build task endurance, lighten your mood, reduce anxiety and depression, stave off fatigue, improve your response to pain, and help you work out more effectively.

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Listening to music can be a highly pleasurable activity. Music communicates emotions, moods, or a state of mind that seems beneficial to our quality of life.

  • It’s heart healthy. Research has shown that blood flows more easily when music is played. It can also reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure, decrease cortisol (stress hormone) levels and increase serotonin and endorphin levels in the blood.

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  • It elevates mood. Music can boost the brain’s production of the hormone dopamine. This increased dopamine production helps relieve feelings of anxiety and depression. Music is processed directly by the amygdala, which is the part of the brain involved in mood and emotions.

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  • It reduces stress. Research has found that listening to music can relieve stress by triggering biochemical stress reducers.

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  • It relieves symptoms of depression. When you’re feeling down in the dumps, music can help pick you up - much like exercise.

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  • It stimulates memories. There is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease or dementia but music therapy has been shown to relieve some of its symptoms. Music therapy can relax an agitated patient, improve the mood and open communication in patients.

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  • It manages pain. By reducing stress levels and providing a strong competing stimulus to the pain signals that enter the brain, music therapy can assist in pain management.

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  • It eases pain. Music can meaningfully reduce the perceived intensity of pain, especially in geriatric care, intensive care or palliative medicine.

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  • It helps people eat less. Playing soft music in the background (and dimming the lights) during a meal can help people slow down while eating and ultimately consume less food in one sitting.

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  • It increases workout endurance. Listening to those top workout tracks can boost physical performance and increase endurance during a tough exercise session.

These are just some of the benefits of music. We hope that this blog has been beneficial to you. If you're interested, then there is lots of research and evidence of the benefits of music to our over-all health on the internet.

We would love your comments, and thoughts on how music benefits you, what kind/s of music you like, what artists and albums are you favourite, and why?

Tell us your favourite instrument, and how it makes you feel. What's your favourite speaker systems, and headsets and why?

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Is there a time when you've been out somewhere, or driving in the car, and a song's playing, that has taken you back to a special time in your life? (hopefully a good memory).

Use music as your therapy!

With love,

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