Why Are Gift Cards The Perfect Christmas Gift?

Have you ever received a gift that really didn't suit you at all?

No offense males, but purchasing a practical gift from a hardware store, for your female partner, when they are not a hardware person, might not go down too well. It could also kind of look like you bought the gift for yourself.

Likewise, females; if your partner is the type that you need to ask half a dozen times or more to change a light bulb, then he's probably not the tradesman type, so he may get a little disgruntled with a gift from the hardware store too.

The gift hampers always look lovely, but more often than not, the receiver doesn't like all of the products in the hamper.

Ever given someone a bottle of alcohol for a gift, then discovered that they don't even drink alcohol? This could easily be mistaken by the receiver that you don't really know them very well.

Then it comes time for the kids. They've been dreaming of that latest Playstation 5 for Christmas. They've already imagined all the games they're going to play over the holidays, and gathered up a list of friends to come over to join in the fun. But, instead they open up their gifts to find educational books. At this point, you may want to go to your room and lock the door!

Gift giving is one of the most thoughtful acts of kindness you can do to show someone that you appreciate them, however, if you don't know their style, then the gifts could end up in the garage, cupboard, gifted onto someone else, or even in the rubbish bin.

Giving someone a " gift card " for Christmas is such a brilliant thing to do. The receiver can then choose something they really love, and will find useful to them.

Gift cards can be used in-store, or online.

For people living in remote areas, with little shopping options at hand, then gift cards give the receiver the opportunity to broaden their horizons, and shop online.

There are a variety of choices when it comes to gift cards. There are the old fashioned credit card style looking gift cards, and electronic gift cards. Some electronic ones also come with a QR code.

So what are some examples of gift cards?

* Retail Stores: Myer. Sports Girl.City Beach etc

* Entertainment: Hoyts Cinemas. Golf. Theme Parks etc

* Food & Meals: Restaurants. Cafes. Woolworths. Coles etc

* Alcohol: Dan Murphys etc

* Beauty: Massage. Facials. Day Spas. Nail Bars etc

* App Stores: Apple App & itunes Store. Google Play Store etc

* Gaming & Pop Culture Stores: Xbox. Play Station. EB Games. Zing etc

* Petrol Stations: Caltex etc

* Stationery: Office Works ect

* Hardware Stores: Bunnings. Mitre 10 etc

* Electronics Stores: JB Hi Fi, etc

* Auto: Super Cheap Auto etc

* Transport Gift Cards: Trains. Uber etc

* Software: Microsoft Office etc

You name it, there is pretty much a gift card for it. Whether it be the old fashioned gift card, the size of the credit card, or an electronic gift card, there is something for everyone.

This Christmas if you are stuck for a gift, or don't want to get amongst the ques at the crowded malls, then the thought of sitting in your air conditioned office, or laying by the pool with your feet up while doing the Christmas shopping appeals to you, then just do it.

It's stress free, and the recipients are guaranteed to thank you.

You can never go wrong with a t-shirt gift card. T-Shirts are a staple item for every wardrobe. Come and view our gift cards, and make someone very happy.

Thanks for reading our blog.

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