The Sound Of Nature!

Be it at your home, out at a park, walking track, the beach, or standing on the top of a hill climb, the sound of nature brings joy and peace to the mind, body and soul.

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Sit for a couple of minutes, and close your eyes. Listen to the sounds around you, then write down what you hear. Do this everyday. Depending on your environment, you will hear vastly different sounds. Interestingly, 4-5 people could all be sitting in the same environment, and all hear something different.

Try the exercise, either by yourself, or with others daily. It expands your concentration levels, your focus, and helps to bring you back into the present moment.

Just think about the average day at work or school. It's so easy to drift off to some other place, and not even hear what the boss, clients, or teacher is even saying. If you've got a job with repetitive tasks, then drifting off to far away places in your mind can easily become a habit.

There's copious amounts of research and literature linking nature to increasing your health. Be it, exercising in nature, relaxing in nature, having an adventure in nature, or studying the objects in nature.

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So what are some of the sounds of nature that can bring us to feeling a sense of calm and ease?

Birds chirping

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Trees blowing in the breeze

Waves lapping on the shore

Water flowing from a waterfall

Leaves and branches crunching under our shoes

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The distant sound of cars and vehicles

Kids laughing and playing

Rain on your roof top

Wildlife scurrying off, because someone is around

The sound of your own footsteps when we're walking and there's no-one around

Aeroplanes in the sky, up miles away

Cicadas singing away in joy

Fish jumping in lakes

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One of the most common questions people are asked when they've been in nature is: What did you see? When should the question be: What did you hear?

We hope you enjoyed our blog, and it's been beneficial to you. If you think it could help someone else too, then please feel free to share. If you can think of other sounds of nature that bring you joy, then we would love your comments below.

With love,

Kim - Personal Assistant To The Creative Director - Josh

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