Safety Watches For Primary School Kids In Australia!

Understandably, your child's safety is a high priority. With the advancement of technology, we can now have peace of mind, when our children are out of our sight. It's also a safe and comforting feeling for our children, just knowing that we are available if they need us.

One of the benefits of safety watches, is that they are always on our child's body, unlike an iphone, or smart phone. Features such as; SOS are an absolute blessing, along with gps tracking.

Running late for school pick up? Not a problem at all, with some kids smart watches even allowing video calls. Kids want their independence, but they also want to know that you are there if you need them.

Is your child is being bullied at school? With safety watches, kids can check in with their parents and vice versa anytime, to make sure they are safe.

Some other scenarios where kids safety watches come in handy include: play dates, sleep overs, when kids are co-parented. Then there's shopping at the mall, and your child drifts off in store, and you cannot locate them. If that's ever happened to you, then you know that your heart rate increases real fast, as you hit panic mode.

So, let's have a look at some safety watches available for primary school kids in Australia, along with some of their features and benefits.



Video Call. Take Photo. Swimming Waterproof. Class Mode and Wi-Fi Safe Zones. Automatic Step Counter. 1.3 Inch Screen.

PRICING: RRP $199.00 - Now $99.00

kids safety watches



4G Video Call & Camera. Quick SOS. 800 mAh Battery. Phone Call and Chat. Little Fun Tools. Real-Time Tracking.

PRICING: RRP $199.00 - Now $138.00

Kids Safety Watches Australia

Imoo Z5 Kids Watch Phone HD Video Call


HD Video Call. Accurate Location. Family Chat. Swimming Waterproof. Class Mode. Support 4G LTE Network by All Operators.

PRICING: RRP $279.00 - Now $199.00

 Kids Safety Watches Australia

Moochies Smartwatch Phone For Kids 4G


Keep in touch with your child with text and voice messages. Two way video calling from the Moochies Watch and the MyMoochies App. Supplied with a Pre-installed Sim Card. Snap Happy Kids. Let your child play in the water without any worries. Track your child at anytime, anywhere!! Your Kids Security is our Highest Concern. Create Safe Zones to keep your child safe. Easily flick through the watch’s screen.

PRICING: RRP $249.00 - Now $179.00

All of these kids safety watches are top quality. The most known brand would be Moochies. They are all different, with different features and qualities.

All of these Safety Watches For Primary School Kids In Australia, plus more are available to purchase from Mobileciti.

Come and check them out, and see what's the best for your kid/s.

Payment plan options are also available through: AfterPay, Zip & Paypal.

You and your kids deserve the best safety measures available, and with the help of technology, you can now have peace of mind, and ease anxiety. In today's crazy world, we can never be too safe.

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